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Galina Grozeva


Get the Right People on the Bus

Category: Leadership | |

Around two years ago when I was making my Erasmus exchange in the University of Maribor, Slovenia while searching for materials in the faculty library I came across a book which title immediately caught my attention.  It was called “Good to Great” written by Jim Collins. And honestly, for...Read more


The Inspiring Holy Wit’s Journey

Category: Leadership | |

On the 26th of July 2013 five bikers and a production team started their 3000km long journey through 12 European countries which they  realized in 30 days.  Czech Republic – Istanbul – Thessaloniki – Venice – Aquileia and back to the Czech Republic, this is the trace of...Read more


For the Women in the Games

Category: Leadership | |

Happy International Woman’s day!  Have you ever thought about the approximate number of women, who are occupied in one of the mostly men-ruled territories - the game industry? According to Brenda Romero, one of the first female video game programmers, at the begining of 1980 almost all...Read more


“Винаги Търси и се Вслушвай в Клиента.”

Category: Leadership | |

Факт е, че информационните технологии предлагат добро решение за поддържане на междуличностната комуникация, дори и от растояние. Но не е за пренебрегване и още едно голямо тяхно предимство - те са чудесна възможност за усъвършенстване на бизнес отношенията. Все повече и повече специалистите в...Read more


Relax, Take Your Time

Category: Leadership | |

Whatever we do, we all need our time for inspiration and recreation. While being stuck with a dozen of tasks we simply often forget to take time for brainstorming and gathering of new ideas. And this is quite important. We cannot count on working like robots all the time. Even when being productive...Read more


Follow Your Personal GPS

Category: Leadership | |

Steve Olsher, an Amerian reinvention expert and author, modifies the abbreviation GPS and gives it a new meaning - as the personal Gifted Path to Success. In his award-winning book “Journey to you” he gives a simple equation that can help anybody to find their inherent talent and choose a job...Read more


„Ръководи, дръж се или се разкарай от пътя.”

Category: Leadership | |

Тед Търнър e американски медиен магнат, създател на CNN. За да реализира своето желание да управлява медиите и комуникационните връзки, той преминава многократно през трудности, които биха накарали повечето от нас да се откажат. Но не и него. Търнър никога не загубва вяра в успеха! Основателят на...Read more


Create a Fruitful Environment for Your Staff

Category: Leadership | |

A widespread truth is that human force is the most powerful resource in every organization. This is why managers should be highly concerned about the conditions where their staff is occupied. Uncomfortable and unsuitable place would only discourage it and cause fluctuation of manpower. Thus, a main...Read more