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Galina Grozeva


What’s Your Conflict Management Style?

Category: Leadership | |

Conflict emerges when one or more values, perspectives and opinions are contradictory in nature. It is a lot like water- it spills over, flows downhill and if left unchecked, it erodes whatever it touches. It can be a downer, but managed properly, conflict is a fertile ground for a great exchange of...Read more


10 Tips for Success and Self-improvement

Category: Leadership | |

What is success? Success can have different meanings to different people. Someone who loves music might consider success as cutting his own CD. When it comes to measuring success money gain is not a prime necessity but the valuable achievement.  Success could be getting a good grade in a difficult...Read more


A Carrot or a Stick - Which Would You Pick?

Category: Leadership | |

In history, much before the introduction of organizational behavior, superiors were influencing their subordinates applying different methods to navigate the working process.  The oldest technique used to motivate the others is known today as the Carrot and stick method. There are two fundamental axes...Read more


Why and How to Handle Procrastination?

Category: Leadership | |

     What is procrastination, why people tend to procrastinate and how to overcome this habit?      In situations in which you catch yourself putting off difficult tasks your behavior can be specified as procrastination. What you have to do to deal with it?...Read more