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Tony James


Powerful Motivational Words

Category: Leadership | |

One of the key motivational words that can be used to influence people (in a good way) is the word, ‘because’.  Why is this so effective? Again it goes back to our childhood when our parents or teachers often used it without actually qualifying the word. The expression; “Because I...Read more


Are You a Motivator? Read This Now!

Category: Leadership | |

Continuing our discussion on motivating other people as employers, entrepreneurs and leaders, we are exploring motivational methods and language. In our previous post we spoke about using the words ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ to  improve the chances of people reacting favourably...Read more


Effective Motivational Language

Category: Leadership | |

Most of our preceding Blog posts have been about becoming and staying motivated, setting and getting goals and have centred around being motivated. We are often in a position however, where the requirement is for us to actually motivate other people. Motivate other people Whether or not you are in...Read more


Negativity is a 'No - No' !

Category: Leadership | |

If you have been following my Blog Posts, you will now have an idea of just how important the practice of setting life or business goals is and appreciate that the key to following the straightest path to attain them is to take action on the steps needed. If you are fortunate (or wise enough) to have a...Read more


Deadlines - A Great Motivator!

Category: Leadership | |

Just imagine, seventeen teams of between 4 and 7 young people working almost non stop over a period of 54 hours, in a publicly visible hall in the largest shopping mall in the city.  Each team is intent on turning a brand new idea into a working business prototype that will gain recognition, support...Read more


Does Your Motivation Factor Change?

Category: Leadership | |

The factors in your life which act as motivation triggers can and do change. We have already spoken about our goals being flexible and our time scales being adjustable, but could it also be true that our motivation may not always be the same even though relative to the same goal? The following true...Read more


Would This Knowledge Motivate You?

Category: Leadership | |

What if you knew you were going to become seriously ill in two years time, would you be motivated to adjust your lifestyle to ensure that your body was in best condition to deal with that situation? Sure you would, you would set goals to watch your diet, control your weight, exercise, get sufficient sleep,...Read more


What Happens when you Miss a Goal?

Category: Leadership | |

In real life ‘stuff’ happens (that’s the polite version!)  It doesn’t matter how focused you are, how determined you act, sometimes, something happens to get in the way of your goal getting. While it is true that you have a certain amount of influence on the world around you by...Read more