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Short Interview Lessons Part 1

Category: Leadership | |

What’s an interview? Interviewing is a 2 way process. Most of the people roll their eyes when they read this as they first think that the point of the interview is to get the job. Here I want to break out your illusion and make you clearly understand what is the interview and how to handle the... Read more

5 Ways to Brand Your Name Professionally

Category: Leadership | |

You must take a side! You cannot be indifferent anymore because the digital world is taking over. You have a choice to be “invisible” online or brand your “visibility”. Taken down to operational level you have the choice to use all the tools available to make yourself known with... Read more

Customized Kanban Tool to Manage Your Business (File Template)

Category: Leadership | |

There is a tool gaining much popularity in the Business managerial communities nowadays. Moreover it is well related to the Business Intelligence industry in terms of getting the needed at the right time. It is actually an old tool in a new disguise – Kanban is a concept related to the Lean and Just... Read more

9 Lean Startup Pivots When Your Business Needs a Change

Category: Leadership | |

Do you feel it is time for a change? Leading a team or a whole business requires much responsibility and decision making quickly and efficiently. We presented a nice handy tool, the Customized Kanban Tool, that helps in Business Administration to plan, design, run and monitor experiments using metrics from... Read more

I Asked 21 Entrepreneurs How They Define Success. This Is What They Said

Category: Leadership | |

Being an entrepreneur is like hiking in the mountain – the lower you are, the more attractive the top looks like; the higher you are, the more attractive the foot of the mountain looks like. Truth is that entrepreneurship is a mountain path full of obstacles, privation and burdens few people are... Read more

11 Business Ethics Quotes and Ideas I Like

Category: Leadership | |

I shall publish some of my personal insights and favorite quotes about business ethics and the society we live in - in no definite order. Feel free to agree or disagree. You can also leave a comment about your favorites and I may add them quoting your name.  This publication was started in June,... Read more

2 Ways to Check Your Personal Timeline And Fan Page Web-worth

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

When I post this baby article on Facebook it will reach about 40% of our fan base. This is sad but true. If you happen to like it and share it, this number increases significantly. And this concept is wonderful! Otherwise we, as users, would have been spammed by all those senseless and ridiculous pages out... Read more