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MBN News is known as The Independent Business Blogging Community. We provide business blogging training, branding and a web platform to all professionals who seek to publish their knowledge, experience and opinion on business issues.

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10 Reasons to join the Independent Business Blogging Community

1. Brand Yourself Online

MBN News is developing an online brand as a community of business bloggers. We promote our team members in a SEO friendly way so you appear on Google with what you write about. 85% of employers say that a positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions. 70% of employers have rejected a job candidate because of information they found on the web.

2. Publications and SEO training

Each new bloggers will receive a Know-How of how to blog professionally and in a SEO friendly way so you be ahead of the competition.

3. Business Portfolio to potential employers

Pick your field of competence and future development. Include your articles in a business portfolio to potential future employers. You will receive a personal RSS feed with all your publications so you export your ideas to any social network or external service. Add a recommendation letter to your CV and why not directly to your LinkedIn profile.

4. Networking

Be known as a person who speaks his mind. Connect with professionals in your chosen field and embrace the power of online (social) networking.

5. Promoting own ideas and businesses

If you are part of another organization you may want to promote the side products or services that you can guarantee about. MBN gives you the platform for that.

6. No work time, place independent

You have no working time, no working schedule. You can contribute from every point of the world in any time zone as much time as you wish.

7. Freedom of speech

MBN News is an entirely corporate-independent and politically-independent project. Nobody will tell you what you should (not) write about.

8. B2B Benefits

Get benefits from our B2B Barter program – attend events, get publicity, use products and services from our Partners.

9. Learning & Research opportunity

Our senior editors will give you the hot trending articles in your field. You will be determined to research and learn and eventually become proficient in your category.

10. Intrapreneurship opportunities

MBN News features an entirely youth-driven open minded team and a platform for your entrepreneurial ideas. The Founder may put you in charge and give you proper support to launch it.

Membership Requirements

- Be competent in one or more business categories from our portfolio
- Be fluent and literate in Bulgarian or English (currently supported languages)
- Contribute with a minimum of 1 blog post (300-600) per week

- Good social media presence
- Journalistic or other writing/blogging background

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