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Advertising Manifesto

As a founder of MBN News I shall express my deep concerns about the lack of free speech nowadays and the great number of influenced publications due to the increasing role of advertising. For the reason MBN News would like to underline the following problems that have turned into public secrets…

                                    Mass Media

1. Free speech turned into pay per click speech

The capital structure of most media is sometimes solely dependent on corporate and political interests. Mass media has been turned into a mass hypnosis. As readers we are given someone else’s point of view and seldom the opportunity to draw conclusions from facts ourselves.

2. Real publications are now on blogs and social media

Most of the real new opinions and reviews are now on small blogs around the net which are completely independent and express the opinion of a single person or a small group of people who are not directly profit-driven. Big news portals cannot afford being independent.

3. Bad news is good news for (most of) the parties

Worst news and personal tragedies seem to be the best news. They play with people’s fear and bring more clicks. Fewer editors care about the social responsibility of their actions.

4. Mass advertisement leads to personal brand leaks

Truth is most of the corporations do not even know the products they advertise. Yet they proudly situate a lush paid banner under their brand and say “buy it”. Of course “they may not bear any responsibility for the product or service”. This lack of responsibility in advertising compromised it and brought fear to the public.

5. Advertising of a bad product leads to nothing but a balloon

Not that we haven’t seen how marketing turns an old bike into a modern limousine but this is no more applicable for the intelligent customers in an era of free information access. You can cheat everybody once, but you cannot mislead them twice. Sooner or later the balloon is going to burst.

6. Contextual advertising is all that matters

It might be foolish to cross out a whole era of banner advertisement but it is my personal conviction that it does not bring much value to a customer. What engages are facts, delivered by an institution you trust - all the rest is disraction.


On the bottom line MBN News would like to disrupt the web advertising model and create a sustainable management model that can maintain financial and editorial independence. 


Best Regards,
Nick Shopov (Founder & Chief Editor)