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Top 6 in HR on 24.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

A Hidden Risk of Big Organizational Change How to Fix the Bad Employee Syndrome How HR can master strategy Managing Your Employees Why Taking Breaks is Essential for Any Work Can You Trust Your Employees? Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 7.Jun.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

For Greeks, IMF Mea Culpa Is Too Late; ECB Leaves Rates Unchanged; Brussels dismisses 'plainly wrong' IMF criticism over Greece; Treasury prices GM stock sale at $34.41/share; S&P wins transfer of ratings lawsuits to New York. Read more


Does Your Motivation Factor Change?

Category: Leadership | |

The factors in your life which act as motivation triggers can and do change. We have already spoken about our goals being flexible and our time scales being adjustable, but could it also be true that our motivation may not always be the same even though relative to the same goal? The following true...Read more


Тоp 5 in Entrepreneurship on 07.Mar.2013

Category: Leadership | |

The Startups That Will Change Our Lives; Stop Before You Sign &Get A Good Lawyer; Why Building With the End in Mind Isn't Such a Bad Thing After All; 6 Steps For More Effective Delegation; The Ten Most Innovative Companies in Asia Read more


Top 6 in HR on 12.Feb.2013

Category: Leadership | |

7 Companies That Changed Names To Save Their Brand Fight for a Higher Salary Are You Hiring Like it’s 1999? Reasons to Crowdsource Talent in 2013 How To Do Diligent Research On New Employees How to Deliver Results That Others Never CouldHow to Deliver Results That Others Never...Read more


Erasmus Exchange Program

Category: Careers | |

The Erasmus program has been hugely successful for the last 25 years and has changed life of many students across Europe. Fortunately, the European parliament reached an agreement to cover the gap of €90 million in Erasmus budget for 2013 which allows to approximately 270,000 students to benefit...Read more


Top 6 in HR for New Year

Category: Leadership | |

Top 10 Things To Do Before You Change Jobs Does Your Executive Resume Sell You Short? Back to work! Re-entering the job market in the New Year What’s Your Best Tip for Increasing Employee Engagement? 5 Reasons To Give Your Job Search A Reboot My coworker is working off...Read more


A Carrot or a Stick - Which Would You Pick?

Category: Leadership | |

In history, much before the introduction of organizational behavior, superiors were influencing their subordinates applying different methods to navigate the working process.  The oldest technique used to motivate the others is known today as the Carrot and stick method. There are two fundamental axes...Read more