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12th Hacktivity - independent IT security festival of Eastern and Central Europe

Category: Technologies & Hardware | |

Hacktivity is the Independent IT security festival of Eastern and Central Europe. IT experts will attend the two-day event where interesting programmes and presentation will await the participants. IT security festival A total of 30 presentations and 4 workshops, new techniques and new soultions....Read more


Positive Outlook for European Economy in January

Category: Economy & Finance | |

For all of us this January marked the beginning of the new 2014, but it may also be, as some hope, a new step forward towards the recovery of the still crisis-shaken eurozone economy. January proved to be quite positive in terms of economic activity, which according to statistics, expanded at its...Read more


Leadership - The New Column on MBN News

Category: MBN Leaks | |

Dear Friends, Members and Partners, As of today, 06.Jan.2014, we are updating the categories offered my MBN News. We have done the following changes: 1. “Entrepreneurship”, “Human Resources” and “Motivation” categories were merged into “Leadership” ...Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 3.Jan.2014

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Euro zone manufacturing grows; France stumbles on; Fiat agrees to buy remaining stake in Chrysler; US vs Europe: Which equities will win in 2014?; Deutsche Telekom's new CEO faces twin tests; This is the ECB’s biggest task for 2014. Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 02.Jan.2014

Category: Leadership | |

7 Vital Business Lessons You Can Learn From The Hunger Games; How To Stop Caring What Others Think; 6 Valuable Life Lessons Shared By A 17 Year Old Boy Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 31.Dec.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How Walt Disney Can Help You Become Successful; Top 10 startup trends for 2014; 73% of adults used social networks in 2013 (and teens don’t like it) Read more