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Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 2.Jan.2014

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Attacks reignite debate on Russia investments; AMEC CEO flags barriers to UK fracking; Deutsche Telekom's new CEO faces twin tests; Greece to exit bailout plan in 2014: Prime Minister; Erdogan blames 'foreign-backed' elements for dirty plot against Turkey. Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 16.Dec.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

ECB official Asmussen quits to serve in German coalition; Euro zone 'to share cost' of closing failed banks; Ukrainians mass for new rally as EU halts trade deal; McCain meets Ukrainian protest leaders amid rallies; Post-bailout Ireland looks for tax cuts. Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 12.Dec.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

ECB poised to get tough on sovereign bond risks; Pay better wages, UK minister tells Domino's; Check out Europe and Asia’s top shorts; Ukraine seeks $27.5 billion in aid from EU, PM says; EU set for more Cyprus-style bail-ins for troubled banks.     Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 20.Nov.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Spain’s bailout exit is not premature: ESM's Klaus Regling; Atomico gives $476 million to non-Silicon Valley start-ups; ‘Light at the end of tunnel’ for Europe: SEB CEO; Is London’s property rally different this time?; EasyJet reports 51% rise in...Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 22.Oct.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Portugal will do ‘whatever it takes’ to avoid second bailout; Cyprus to lift most currency controls by spring 2014; Stressful times for Europe’s banks; EDF, Britain sign $26 billion deal for nuclear plant; Chinese navigate France's labor rules. Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 16.Oct.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Ireland and Portugal budget for life after bailout; Drugstore giant Alliance Boots slammed over tax; Fears rise that Italy's 2014 budget could spark further trouble; UK opens doors to Chinese banks with special terms; Backed by EU interests, Greeks may bear 50-year bonds. Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 14.Oct.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Europe prepares to come clean on hidden bank losses; Berlusconi asks to do community service instead of jail term; UK court to hear evidence ahead of landmark Libor ruling; Ireland says may exit bailout without EU backstop; Dollar's reserve role at risk from US budget...Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 27.Sep.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Italy crisis increases as president pulls out of meeting; French business chief slams 2014 budget; EU threatens to halt terrorist fund tracking deal with US; Barclays to ax wealth management in 130 countries; Greece does not need 3rd bailout, seeks debt 'reprofiling'. Read more