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Business Intelligence Dictionary: Table Field and Table Tuple | NSBI

Category: Business Intelligence (BI) | |

We are now diving into the Database building blocks - fields and tuples.  Table Field | Definition A table field represents a characteristic of the subject to which it belongs to. Commonly table fields are simply referred to as "columns". The relational database theory also assigns...Read more


Leadership - The New Column on MBN News

Category: MBN Leaks | |

Dear Friends, Members and Partners, As of today, 06.Jan.2014, we are updating the categories offered my MBN News. We have done the following changes: 1. “Entrepreneurship”, “Human Resources” and “Motivation” categories were merged into “Leadership” ...Read more


Svilena Paseva - Our new columnist

Category: MBN Leaks | |

Dear Friends, With the following announcement we would like to present to you our new addition to the team - Svilena Paseva! She will be writing articles in the sections Economy & Finance and Entrepreneur. She is interested in the field of Micro finance and Social Entrepreneurship, which...Read more