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How Instagram Can Be Used By Businesses?; 7 Tips for Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Business; The top marketing lesson learned from Facebook; 72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012; Study: Twitter, Forums and Blogs Lead Online Mentions of Fortune...Read more


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Twitter Rolls Out Targeted Tweets; What is Instagram? (Infographic); 5 Ways to Go From Blogger to Published Book Author; Reaching customers where they live, work, and tweet; Facebook Bug Sends Fake Offers From Pages; The Most Important Facebook Metric You Choose to Ignore; ...Read more


Top 6 in eMarketing & social medias on 13.July.2012

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How to Choose the Right Social Marketing Platform; How to Grow and Manage an Engaged Online Community; Top LinkedIn Features and Tips; A guy’s guide to using Pinterest; Why email marketers are like Olympic decathletes; The Fantastic Four of Digital Marketing. Read more