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Top 5 in (e)Marketing on 27.March.2013

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

5 Facebook changes that flew under the radar High Schooler Bench Presses 700 Pounds Spamhaus is battling a 300 billion bits-per-second DDoS described as the ‘biggest attack in history’ Beverly Hills eatery calls out reservation no-shows on social media Tic Tac France’s...Read more


Top 6 in (e)Marketing on 28.Dec.2012

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

Facebook in 2013: More Growing Pains Ahead; 10 secrets for social media success in 2013; Most Common Mistakes when Dealing with Negative Comments on Social Media; Storytelling: Why Stories Attract More Customers; Online Traffic Up This Holiday Season for Top Retailers. Is That...Read more


Fellowships on Recent Eastern European History, Germany

Category: Careers | |

Open to: historians of Eastern Europe or related disciplines whose PhDs should not have been completed more than one year prior to application. Fellowship:  €3.500 per month + accommodation Deadline: 30 November 2012 Read more


Top 8 in HR on 23.Oct.2012

Category: Leadership | |

HR's Future Looks Strategic—or Does It? Turn Your Expertise Into a Second Career Cover Letters in the Age of Email 6 Red Flags Employers See in Your Job History Five Most Effective Ways to Invest in Your Career What It Means to Provide a Good Candidate Experience ...Read more


Top 5 in IT & Hightech on 17.Jul.2012

Category: Technologies & Hardware | |

7 Ways to Optimize Your Professional Profile ; Remember how great Adobe Flash used to be? Meet the guys who invented it in 1993 ; Microsoft explains minimalist Office 2013 interface ; iPhone 5 Display To Use In-Cell Tech ; DRAM market could get boost from Ultrabooks, Windows 8 ;...Read more


10 Greatest Entrepreneurs of All Time

Category: Leadership | |

MSNBC published a wonderful article about those names that are left somewhere back in history but marked the entrepreneurial evolution. Here are the people and their deeds: 1. King Croesus – We owe him the cash flow as he contributed with the first coinage; 2. Pope Sixtus IV – He...Read more