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Top Business Intelligence (BI) Trends for 2014 | Nick Shopov

Category: Business Intelligence (BI) | |

Diving into the Business Intelligence (BI) field is more exciting than ever. The competition on the BI market gets real and this brings to developers and end-users a great deal of options to choose. Here I share my vision of the 2014 Business Intelligence Market. Business Intelligence in 2014 –...Read more


Top 5 in IT & Hightech on 02.Aug.2012

Category: Technologies & Hardware | |

Windows XP still the top OS, Windows 7 closing in ; 4x faster mobile flash memory by Samsung ; Microsoft Surface RT vs. Surface Pro: Which Tablet Will You Want? ; Valve: Agree to not sue us or lose access to Steam ; Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network with Mac’s Hidden Diagnostic Tool...Read more


Top 6 in IT & Hightech on 19.Jul.2012

Category: Technologies & Hardware | |

China's Internet population reaches 538 million ; Tiny eye implant could restore sight to the blind - with vision returning instantly, and recovery in just a week ; YouTube launches face blurring feature ; Micron shows new future for phone storage ; Microsoft adds 215 TB of...Read more


Top 5 in IT & Hightech on 09.Jul.2012

Category: Technologies & Hardware | |

Malware internet meltdown a bust as feared DNS Changer virus fizzles on 'doomsday' ; Angry Birds sequel could let you play for the pigs ; The future of flash memory: tiny (and extremely tough to build) ; Wait, did a judge just say Samsung is 'not as cool' as Apple? ; ...Read more