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Business Intelligence Dictionary: What is Business Intelligence | NSBI

Category: Business Intelligence (BI) | |

What is Business Intelligence (BI)? We define Business Intelligence (BI) as the ability of an organization to make competitive decisions based on the acquisition, analysis and executive reporting of huge volume of data. NSBI Tutorials aim to make Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing...Read more


Top 5 in (e)Marketing on 21.Oct.2013

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

Microsoft Surface 2: Powerful, Classy, Confused Vine Challenge: Carve a Pumpkin Google Doodle Honors 'Queen of Salsa' Celia Cruz Apple iPad Event: What to Expect The Little Syria News Site That Could Save In-Depth Reporting Read more


Ник Шопов: „Business Intelligence в България – същност и ползи”

Category: Business Intelligence (BI) | |

Напоследък все по често ми се налага да обяснявам на приятели и познати с какво се занимавам. „Програмист на бази от данни” като че звучи най-достъпно до масовия събеседник, но дали е най-точното? Какво всъщност означава нашумелият напоследък термин  Business Intelligence (BI)  и...Read more


Project Manager Job for Reporting Team, Switzerland

Category: Careers | |

Open to: applicants with experience in management, leading international teams, writing for online media, interest in resource economics and management, business and sustainability Remuneration: A stipend of 3,000 CHF; cover travel costs to Davos-Switzerland; conference fee, accommodation and food ...Read more


Economic and Political Reporting

Category: Careers | |

Open to: journalists from Southeast Europe Venue:13-27 April in UK and 15-28 September in Germany Deadline: 10 February 2013 Read more