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Business Intelligence Dictionary: Table Field and Table Tuple | NSBI

Category: Business Intelligence (BI) | |

We are now diving into the Database building blocks - fields and tuples.  Table Field | Definition A table field represents a characteristic of the subject to which it belongs to. Commonly table fields are simply referred to as "columns". The relational database theory also assigns...Read more


Afraid Of Being Fired? These 4 Jobs Will Never Get You Fired

Category: Leadership | |

Are you being spewed out by technology? Many of you would know the feeling I believe. Technology transforming education and knowledge availability have thrown many old tmers into serious employment gaps, not being able to cope with the new minimum requirements of the job market. However this same...Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 26.Nov.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Swiss voters reject proposal to limit executives' pay; EU plans to tighten corporate tax loopholes; Ukraine may gain ‘short-term benefits’ by move east; Banking union delay 'a shackle' on growth: BNP Paribas; German growth 'nothing to hang our hats...Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 25.Nov.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Swiss voters reject proposal to limit executives' pay; Deutsche Bank CEO warns over negative rates; Ryanair turns customer-friendly on Easyjet threat; Bank of America intern died of natural causes; 'Europe heading for catastrophe' despite German growth.   Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 7.Nov.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

EU to fine banks billions of euros over rate rigging; Asia's billionaire club grows as Europe's shrinks; As euro zone struggles, these companies buck the downturn; Euro zone business growth slows as hiring slips; BAE to end shipbuilding at Portsmouth, may cut 1,775 jobs. Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 6.Nov.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

ECB should act on strong euro: Italy finance minister; EU to fine Deutsche, JPMorgan in rate probe; British regulator to toughen London share listing rules; G4S cheered by emerging market growth; Italy's banks won't fail stress tests: Saccomanni. Read more


Top 5 in Economy & Finance on 25.Oct.2013

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Euro zone business growth hit by falling demand; Credit Suisse CEO claims business solid despite results miss; Why we like European currencies right now: Goldman; After Bill Gates, is Spain back in fashion?; US fails the European allies' trust test. Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 24.ct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

The Secret to Closing More Sales: Talk Less;   Successful Crowdfunding Is About More Than Money; 3 Effective Strategies To Deliver A Solid Public Speaking Performance   Read more