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thical Hacker - the community of ethical hacker

Category: Technologies & Hardware | |

No. We are not hackers. We are ethical hackers. We believe in developing and implementing of the best solutions for IT security and protection. We believe in ethics and code, as well as the morality of every one of our members. Who are we? By documents we are NGO, by soul we are ambitious...Read more


Tp 3 in Entrepreneurship on 18.Oct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

A Startup Guide For Making Your First Executive Hire; The top 25 highest paying companies for software engineers;  Planting A Startup Garden Read more


Top 5 in (e)Marketing on 02.Sep.2013

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

IFA Berlin 2013: Huge Phones, Smart Watches and 4K New Software Could Turn Robots Into Friends and Co-Workers Your Facebook Antics Outshine Your Resume Acer Unveils 6-Inch Liquid S2 Smartphone With 4K Recording One Stop Shop: Top 25 Digital Media Resources This Week Read more


Top 5 in (e)Marketing on 01.August.2013

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

This Is the World's First TV Ad Lens Gives Your Phone Peripheral Vision 5 Best Free Antivirus Software Options New York Reimagined as a Circular City 40+ Events in Gamification, Digital Analytics and More Read more


Top 5 in IT & Hightech on 22.Jul.2013

Category: Technologies & Hardware | |

Half a billion SIM cards could be bugged or have information stolen from them because of 'serious security flaws' ; Software employment grows 45% in 10 years, as angst in engineering grows ; Apple rumoured to be working on a jumbo iPad as it begins testing 13-inch screens ; ...Read more


Top 6 in (e)Marketing on 18.Feb.2013

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

The A to Z guide to social media; Tips on How You Can Manage Your Online Reputation To Land the Job of Your Dreams!; How to Build Powerful In-Person Networks From Your Social Contacts; How to stop alienating traditional shoppers; Increasing Traffic and Engagement … with Fun...Read more


AIESEC Internships in Brazil and Colombia

Category: Careers | |

Internship in BHS TGTI Inovation and Software Development Brazil   What is it about? The BHS Group began operations in 1994 with the founding of Belo Horizonte Systems. In 1995, the company became Microsoft partner and since the always figures among its main partners in service in...Read more


Erasmus Mundus MSc in Dependable Software Systems

Category: Careers | |

Open to: Applicants coming from EU/EEA-EFTA member states and non-EU countries Scholarship: fully covered expenses for non-EU /and living expenses and monthly allowance for EU/EFTA applicants Deadline: 15 January 2013 Read more