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Top 7 in HR on 17.Sept.2012

Category: Leadership | |

How to Fix a Skill Mismatch How HR Can Drive the New Social Business 8 Ways To Handle A Request For a Higher Starting Salary The Bold Recruiters Toolkit — 50 Tools for Aggressive Recruiters (Part 1 of a 2-Part Series) The Six Secrets of Self-Control 9 Secrets of Highly...Read more


Microsoft plans to deliver Office 2013 RT starting in November

Category: Technologies & Hardware | |

Microsoft let slip back in June that the version of Microsoft Office 2013 that would be available to Windows RT tablets and PC customers would be a "preview" test-build. In blog post yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that information and added a few more particulars about the Office Home & Student 2013 RT...Read more


p 5 in Auto on 14.Sept.2012

Smart Forstars concept previews future models Ford cuts rare-earths use in new hybrid system BMW Concept Active Tourer previews front-drive future Mini Paceman unveiled The Mexican Mondeo? Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 31 August.2012

Category: Leadership | |

3 Ways Your Startup Can Work Smarter; Why your Facebook Page has fewer likes; Bic For Her: What They Were Actually Thinking ; How To Manage Thinkers, And Feelers, Effectively; I Like to Watch Read more


Top 5 in HR on 27.August.2012

Category: Leadership | |

Five Questions to Ask Before Joining that Start-up Career Lessons From The Most Powerful Women Work is like a family: and that's the problem Talent Management Is Your Contribution how can I write shorter cover letters? Read more


Customized Kanban Tool to Manage Your Business (File Template)

Category: Leadership | |

There is a tool gaining much popularity in the Business managerial communities nowadays. Moreover it is well related to the Business Intelligence industry in terms of getting the needed at the right time. It is actually an old tool in a new disguise – Kanban is a concept related to the Lean and Just...Read more


9 Lean Startup Pivots When Your Business Needs a Change

Category: Leadership | |

Do you feel it is time for a change? Leading a team or a whole business requires much responsibility and decision making quickly and efficiently. We presented a nice handy tool, the Customized Kanban Tool, that helps in Business Administration to plan, design, run and monitor experiments using metrics from...Read more


op 5 in Entrepreneurship on 24.August.2012

Category: Leadership | |

Start A Company When You're 25 -- Not When You're 52; Why It's Not The One Thing; Why Too Much Data Disables Your Decision Making; Where To Find Your One Big Idea; The Ascent Of The Arab Startup Read more