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Тop 7 in Entrepreneurship on 15.August.2012

Category: Leadership | |

Winning The White House--Or New Business--Is All About Better Story Selling; How to Become the CEO of Your Own Company This Year; Why I Only Carry One Business Card; Are You Building A Small Business - Or A Startup?; Are You Missing These Three Key Sales Prospecting Strategies? ...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 03.August.2012

Category: Leadership | |

Motivate Your Core Performers to Become Star Performers Hiring is a Top CEO Priority Toughest Interview Questions: Why They're Asked And How To Answer How To Build A Winning Startup Team The Candidate Experience, and Other Stuff HR Wastes Time On Read more


Тop 5 in Entrepreneurship on 13.July.2012

Category: Leadership | |

5 Sure Signs A Startup Firm Will Succeed; 7 Tips to Successful Fundraising for Young Entrepreneurs; 3 Ways Successful People Prioritize Their To-Do Lists; 3 Stories Of Advancing Causes--And Profits; Push to Start: Building Enterprises through Education Read more


StartUp Bootcamp семинари за предприемачество

Category: Careers | |

На 04.07 (сряда) и 06.07 (петък) ще се проведат две събития от серията StartUp Bootcamp, които са фокусирани в предприемачеството. 1. StartUP Bootcamp #9: Как да продаваме на глобални пазари: Връзка към събитието във Фейсбук Кога? 4-ти юли (сряда); от 19:30 до 21:30 (регистрацията започва в...Read more


Top 5 in IT & Hightech on 28.Jun.2012

Category: Technologies & Hardware | |

Atari at 40: Catching Up with Founder Nolan Bushnell ; Microsoft employee explains decision to scrap the Start button ; YouTube Android app updated with pre-caching, remote play and new interface design ; Google Launches Offline Editing for Google Docs, Google Drive Apps for iOS and...Read more


Тop 5 in Entrepreneurship on 20.June.2012

Category: Leadership | |

Is It Too Easy to Start a Startup?; Letting The Entrepreneurs In; Who Should Take a Leadership Course?; Why Work Does NOT Have To Be Fulfilling; 5 Ways To Grow Professionally While Helping Others Read more


Top 6 in Entrepreneurship on 13.June.2012

Category: Leadership | |

Leadership Tips; Even Startups Can’t Innovate Without a Process; 7 Ways to Make Your Small Business Stand Out Online; How My Book Became A (Self-Published) Best Seller; Social Entrepreneurs Need to Make Money Too; How Small Shops Economize by Sharing Space Read more


Top 7 in Entrepreneurship on 12.June.2012

Category: Leadership | |

To Start A Business...; 6 Practical Exercises To Harness Your Entrepreneurial Fears; Turning An Idea Into A Business; Nine Innovative Food Websites You Can't Live Without; How To Create A Career Path When Your Job Doesn't Have One; How to Ignore Bad Advice; What...Read more