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Nick Shopov (Founder | Data Architect)

Nick Shopov
Using the power of data to drive insights, redefine success and do social good! nickshopov.com

Kaloyan Kosev, superKalo (Front-End Developer, SEO)

Kaloyan Kosev, superKalo
Front-end web developer from Varna, Bulgaria, studying Business Information Technology at University of Economics - Varna. Find out more about me and my projects on superkalo.com

Peter Dimitrov (Back-End Developer)

Peter Dimitrov
Peter held a MSc in Finance but his entire career is in the field of Information Technology. He has over 8 years of experience in system administration, media components and web-controlled frameworks.

Zhana Yordanova (Senior Editor)

Zhana Yordanova
Co-founder at Social Creative Label - small, young team, who is in love in advertising and Deputy President “PR & Marketing” JCI Varna. My rubric is Advertissimo - rubric for advertising, marketing, creative and social campaigns. Let's see!

Miroslav Dzharnavliev (Columnist)

Miroslav Dzharnavliev

Antoniya Staneva (Member)

Antoniya Staneva
LLB in International and European Law (The Hague University, the Netherlands); LLM in Finance Law (King's College London, UK). Her main interests include finance, banking, economics and literature.

Blaze Arizanov (Member)

Blaze Arizanov
Blaze Arizanov is Mobiloitte’s Digital Marketing evangelist. His main gig is to take Mobiloitte into new uncharted territories with Social media without being marked as enemy of the state. He loves writing, publishing platforms, public speaking and yoga. Check out his Quora blog

Desislava Palashka (Member)

Desislava Palashka
I'm interested in business, marketing and leadership. I study marketing in Varna, Bulgaria.

Emil Kaprelov (Member)

Emil Kaprelov
MSc. in Corporate Business and management. My interests include HR, Management, Psychology and many others. For contacts and more information, please visit the links on the left !

Galina Grozeva (Member)

Galina Grozeva
A graduated bachelor of Accounting and control in the University of economics-Varna. Professional interests in Business and economics, Management, HR and Motivation. Likes reading good books, listening music, traveling and meeting interesting people. :)

Gergana Koleva (Member)

Gergana Koleva
Bachelor in Management at University of Economics. My interest include human resources and self development, international economic relations, modern history and history of societies, politics and ect.

Hristiyan Yordanov (Member)

Hristiyan Yordanov
From Varna, Bulgaria. Studying Finance at University of Economics Varna. Have interest in IT sector.

Iliana Lazarova (Member)

Iliana Lazarova
Bachelor in International Economic Relations; interested in sustainable development, green energy and smart technologies. Iliana was the Youth Delegate of Bulgaria to the United Nations 2012/2013 and is passionate about youth engagement and non-formal education.

Irena Baeva (Member)

Irena Baeva
Bachelor in International Economic Relations, Master in Business communications. My interests include Cross-cultural communications, International relations, Human resources and Politics. I love to travel, for me travelling is a way of life.

Ivelina Mileva (Member)

Ivelina Mileva
Bachelor in Accounting and Control. Mу interests include accounting, human resources and of course start-up s.

Mihail Mitev (Member)

Mihail Mitev
Bachelor in Finance. His interests include Business Management, Financial Services and Business Development.

Nevena Stoyanova (Member)

Nevena Stoyanova
BSc. in Finance, MSc. in Business Communications. PR and Creative Editor at Conzap GmbH. Her interests: Online Marketing, PR, HR, Business Ethics, Sales. Foreign languages: russian, german, english and spanish. For more information, please visit her LinkedIn account.

Penko Stoev (Member)

Penko Stoev
Joined MBN News in October, 2014

Plamena Stoynova (Member)

Plamena Stoynova
Editor at MorningBizNews Media Vice President Incoming Exchange at AIESEC Student at University of Economics - Varna

Ralitsa Nedyalkova (Member)

Ralitsa Nedyalkova
BSc. in Tourism, MSc. in Management at the University of Economics Varna. Love to do everything by my heart. Always listen to my inner voice and follow my dreams. Interests: Management, Markening, HR, PR, Art. Like to travel, communicate with different people, enjoy the life.

Slavina Atanasova (Member)

Slavina Atanasova
BSc. in Finance, MSc. in Corporate Finance. Her interests include Organisational behaviour, Human Resources, Psychology, Non-verbal communication, Finance, Capital budgeting, Planning, Sales. For more information please visit: http://linkedin.com/in/slavinaatanasova

Svilena Paseva (Member)

Svilena Paseva
BSc. in Business Management from the University of Economics - Varna. Living in Chicago since 2010 and working in Microfinance.

Tanya Dimitrova (Member)

Tanya Dimitrova
Bachelor in Finance at University of Economics, Varna. Her interests include Banking, Financial Analysis and Team work.

Tony James (Member)

Tony James
Living in Varna, Tony is a Speaker, Public Speaking and Business Coach and Author of; “Your Step by Step Guide to Confident Public Speaking” (Amazon Kindle) Having developed two companies in the UK, he is now involved in helping entrepreneurs in setting and getting their goals.

Tsvetomila Dimitrova (Member)

Tsvetomila Dimitrova
Currently studying Marketing in University of Economics, Varna. Interested in Marketing, HR and Trainings. You can find more information about her skills and experience in her LinkedIn account.

Yordanka Petrova (Member)

Yordanka Petrova
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - N. Mandela

Zhan Egikyan (Member)

Zhan Egikyan
BSc in Computer Systems and Technology. I have interests in the IT sector, love to disassemble and assemble everything around, read good books, listen to a lot of music. I work in a NGO, prefer to do things which really matter and always really on logic and common sense.

Тайни приятели (Member)

Тайни приятели
Кауза, повод за размисъл, ценности в действие, призив към дела... Защото ние вярваме, че разказвайки ВАШИТЕ истории за доброто, ще вдъхновим нови и нови истории.

MBN News (Contributor)

MBN News
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