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The Anonymous Animal Missionary

<a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Animal+Aid+International'>Animal Aid International</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/AAI'>AAI</a>

This is an average neighborhood in Varna, Bulgaria, earlier this week. The neighborhood consists of condo buildings with green areas between them. It is in those green areas and around the buildings that homeless animals seek refuge. What you see in this picture is the area in front of the building in which my grandparents live. 

The lady in the shot is my grandmother (too shy to really want to be filmed). She is in her mid 70s and every single day (usually twice a day) she goes out to feed the homeless animals as she has been doing all her life. Right next to their condo building there is a small pre-school. Kids there get a mid-day meal from which, of course, there are typically leftovers. Thankfully, one of the kitchen workers is a kind woman who loves animals. So she secretly takes the leftovers out and gives them to my grandmother. If found out, the kitchen worker will likely lose her job for this. The leftovers are not fantastic but they are nutritious enough and, together with the food my grandparents buy from their own meager pensions, help homeless souls survive.

The animals you see in the shot are only a portion of the ones my grandma feeds. Some of the others are too shy to approach with a person they don’t know around (the one filming the clip). There is also a set of cats just as large that lives on the other side of the building (they tend to maintain their territory) and which you will see in the third clip. The kitties in this photo are among the lucky ones who have at least one human (and occasionally some other neighbors) on their side which is why they are not starving but most are at normal weight. Their coats tend to be heavier – only the ones who have plenty of fur can stand a chance of surviving bad winters.

This story was sent to us by Animal Aid International. Follow AAI on Facebook and see other inspirational stories about these little creatures fighting for their lives on the street.