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Are You driven by Motivation?

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Does Inspiration, motivation or desperation rule your journey of life?

When we consider our ongoing life or business as a series of journeys, it may well be inspiration that causes us to climb into our car, put the key in the ignition and start the engine. However it is motivation that will keep us driving, keep us steering, keep us changing gear and negotiating bends and hazards until we reach the end of our journey.

Is Inspiration Enough?

The inspiration could well come from someone who has already made a similar journey successfully, or possibly from things that we have read or learnt about our destination.

Inspiration is the thing that starts our thought processes, it makes us think, but it doesn't necessarily make us act.

Motivation is the impetus that gets us to our destination, just thinking about it will not get us anywhere.

To continue using the analogy of a life or business journey imagine being inspired to start a journey to a specific destination and make all the preparations. If anticipating a long journey we may need to pack, check out the map, work out a route and ensure that our vehicle is suitable to make the journey.

With all good intentions we turn the key, start the engine and commence our journey. Realistically our life is of course made up of many tripss, some of them very brief, some of them involving extensive mileage. Within those expeditions we encounter many problems, hazards and even roadblocks, all of which have to be overcome in order to complete a journey.

Are You Motivated?

This then is where motivation comes in. By its very definition and origin ‘motivation’ involves movement, in fact ongoing movement. The original inspiration may well have come from an outside source, however the motivation will have to come from within.

Once that journey has started it is up to us as the driver to endeavour to keep going in the right direction, making a series of decisions as different situations arise. Apart from keeping on the road we have to deal with the various problems that will arise. Sometimes there are diversions, sometimes we need to stop for a rest, sometimes to re-fuel, sometimes to check the route.­

Each time that one of these diversions or interruptions occurs it is our motivation which will keep us on course, keep us moving, and pursuing our goals in a positive and controlled manner.

We need to ask ourselves, what gives us the motivation and how strong is our motivation? Think about a literal journey, what would be the reward for reaching our destination? Why are we making that journey, we are driving the car, but what is driving us?


Sometimes, when motivation fails, desperation kicks in, we no longer just want to get to our destination, we have to get there, whatever the cost.  This is when travelling becomes dangerous, we take risks, we try to go too fast, we ignore warnings, and can even sabotage our chances of completing our journey.

In life’s journey or when running a business, it’s great to be inspired, it’s essential to be motivated, it’s destructive to be desperate.  So when inspiration comes to us how do we produce the motivation and avoid the desperation?

In the next article in this series we’ll explore the value of setting (and getting) goals to stay motivated in life and business.