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Humor, Creativity and Lateral thinking

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What is common between humor and creativity? What is Lateral thinking?

Existing thinking is based on analysis and judgment. We devote it to patters build by our brains through multitude of experiences and routines. This is excellent and efficient but not enough. Analysis, judgment and observation that lead to standardized solutions is how 96% of the problems are solved by the brain.

We tend to be very effective at describing the current position and state of a phenomenon but poor for imagining what else it can be. In order to see the perspective we need to add the ability to design and create. The Design is very basic you put together what you have in order to bring the values you want. How to create?

According to de Bono we need “Lateral thinking” - indirect and creative way to reach a conclusion. These are four ways to fuel Lateral thinking:

Block the pattern. You can create alternative decision by simply challenging the idea, prohibit it, say that it is impossible and start looking for an alternative.

Concept extraction. Find the concept behind the idea. Ask yourself a question what is the final goal and can you achieve it in an alternative way? Indentify the concept and rethink the solution.

Provocation. This is another way to break the pattern. Provocation allows you to say something that is totally wrong and then twist it to make sense. Attack the idea and see if this can lead to something better.

Chance. Another recommendation from de Bono is that you use random words that you add to your Idea this is how you break the pattern.

In addition to these simple methods you need to stay alerted and recognize the difference between “creative” and “different”. Creativity is something that adds value and not just difference for the sake of being different.

So where does creativity and humor meet? If you think twice you will notice that both creativity and humor are rooted in breaking the pattern of the thought. The jokes that makes us laugh are usually build in the way that something unexpected happens, something not rational or not logical according to mutual belief.