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Why set mid-term and short-term goals?

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If you have long-term goals why are medium term and short term goals necessary? Why not just set out and aim for the long-term goals?

●  Mid-term goals are great as easily identifiable achievements.
●  Mid-term goals should be a time to celebrate.
●  Mid-term goals create excitement and anticipation which add to your motivation.
● They should also have a timeframe to help measure progress and firm up your long-term goal projections.

If you have been following our ‘journey’ analogy, you can probably relate these mid-term goals as main towns or locations on a journey. If these have been previously noted or entered in your GPS as a ‘way-point’ in your journey planning, then reaching each town becomes a milestone and may be celebrated - perhaps just by recognising it as ‘another section completed’, or maybe with a meal or coffee break or even, time permitting, a sightseeing stop. We are then aware of how far we have come and how much closer we are to our destination and consequently set off on the next stage of our journey with renewed enthusiasm and purpose. If you haven’t included these locations in your journey plan, they have no significance whatsoever and you could just drive through them without them even registering.

Mid Term Goals as Achievements

In business, mid-term goals could consist of achieving an interim sales target, taking on or developing a new product or service, recruiting a new staff member, developing a new marketing strategy, or becoming part of a mastermind group. All of these are significant achievements to be aware of and celebrate. But if you haven’t defined them first, they have no relevance and are just a part of everyday life.

The Importance of Timeframes

If you have put a timeframe on your long-term goals, (and you should have done), your mid-term goals will be crucial to knowing both your progress and your needs. They will be most effective when they too are assigned time frames, as they can be noted in your journal, in fact highlighted when reached, so that they stand out as another major step forward!
It seems to be human nature to beat ourselves up over so called ‘failures’ or mistakes - and then to totally ignore or take for granted our achievements.

A Time to Celebrate.

We need to celebrate our business milestones, as they are times to reflect on how far we have progressed and how much closer we are to accomplishing our long term goal. So why not do something to reward yourself?  Take a weekend break, or have a celebration meal, buy yourself a present, give your staff a bonus (and tell them why), share your success with others.   This is something we often forget to do, however we should recognise that when we acknowledge our successes it is extremely motivational and spurs us on to our major goal, by implementing and pursuing the ‘Short Term Goals’ which keep us moving forward from day to day and week to week with enthusiasm and focus.

Today’s quote; “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”. - Henry David Thoreau

How are you doing with goal setting? If you need an accountability partner or coach, or would just like to share your goals with me, feel free to link up using the media buttons below.

Would also appreciate your comments or questions - and don’t forget, whether your journey is in Business or on the road, ‘drive’ carefully!