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Is your About us page a boring chronological list of your company's history?

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Ups…!! I got you here didn’t I?

Just few weeks ago, I have written about the 3 elements that I hate about most websites out there. I hope those insights were quite enlightening for you…


It is about a website’s most visited page ever. That would be the About Us page

You have some doubts here? Just imagine where you first go whenever you make a research about a company… First you check the About Us page and then you check the portfolio of services or products of that company.

My dear friends… Am I right or not?

OK then, now that we all agree, let’s have a quick look at your website’s About Us page:

• Is it telling a compelling, intriguing story about enthusiastic daredevil who went through hell until he finally empowered himself to deliver a superior service to you?

• Is it only a chronological text full with digits like date of founding, company’s milestones number of employees, profitability figures, etc.?

OK, the first option seems fine… But what is wrong with the second one?


Your company’s balance sheets and remaining figures are supposed to be in the ANNUAL REPORT of your company, not in the place where a person like me that has never heard of your company currently searches for you. 


OK wise guy, so what do you want us to do?

Tell me a compelling story that will take me to your heaven and make me day dreaming.

Tell me about your passion, what pushes you out of the bed in the morning; tell me how you have managed to win in the face of adversity when everything else seemed to be standing against you. Tell me how your client has reached the heights of success because of you or your service.

Subconsciously we are all attached to stories because stories help us understand the complex world around us and make us feel part of something, whenever we manage to identify ourselves in that story.

Most of you probably start your About Us page with mentioning the date of founding, number of employees and/or list of key events. I am not a solid hater of numbers, however raw data just doesn’t belong here. You can still use them, but later, as supportive instruments of your statement, your idea and story. Internet is already flooded with numbers and data. Your customers have the need to put themselves somewhere in that new virtual universe, they need to belong somewhere, they need to find a place where they are understood and where they feel warm.

Your corporate story is the best way to give them that on your website as a platform.  Mark down and write all great client stories you have, or a personal addressing from the founder, telling about the past challenges and future hopes, and how clients are important part in both of them.

Just check the example of Rapportive – social media plugin for Gmail. If you open their About Us page you will only notice nice page with just a two paragraphs of personalized explanation of the reasons behind making this tool:

We started Rapportive because we wanted to communicate personally with people. Lots and lots of people. It turns out we weren't the only ones: users adore Rapportive, and pump over 20 million lookups through our systems every month.


I have already proposed this approach for our company’s website, so that we replace the cold list of features of our software solution with few key benefits supported with real case client stories for each one of them.

Winters are coming on the Northern hemisphere and most of us will be feeling cold and isolated now and then. We will attempt to hide from the cold and to search for stories, to search for you.

Is your About us page able to make us warm?

Have a light day everyone!