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Be Good! It is that simple. (video)

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Be good, it’s that simple! Don’t be good for Christmas, don’t be good for St Valentine’s, don’t be good for a day or two. Be good for a reason – the reason that you want to be happy! It’s easy and trivial to say that, it’s much harder for our pragmatic society to go beyond these words. Here I tell you why I strive to achieve happiness by trying to be a good person. I hope you find it pragmatic enough so you share this philosophy and get a piece of it in your own life.

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1. Be good, happy and infected

The default understanding is that everybody is a bad guy until it proves this wrong. Try to go the other way – believe everybody by default until they screw you up. Give everybody a chance at small stakes and let them build up on you relationship. You might say it is risky but I assure you that you are up to win more than you are to lose. Happiness is infectious. You will soon be surrounded by good people you can trust. Smile and be happily good for no reason – it brings so much pleasure to watch haters burn in envy!

2. Be good, happy and simple

You may think that lies make your life easier but actually subconsciously your mind is burdened and exhausted. Speak the truth instead, or just keep silent. Don’t lie, don’t complicate, get simple. Accept the facts or fight to change them. Truth may hurt but a lie, once revealed, will hurt much more.

3. Be good, happy and supporting

For those of you who struggle to sincerely enjoy their friends’ success – here is a moronic fact for all egoists: the more successful your friends are, the more successful you will be. Your friends are your second biggest asset (after your own self-being). Successful friends may help you in a million ways – with their experience, personal example, motivation, financially, business references, etc. There is no point of being the best among losers – strive to be one among winners! So be happy and supportive, help others and enjoy their successes as if they are yours.

Being good is a way of life. “When all is said and done, no matter what you have achieved, the quality of your life will be measured by the quality of your contribution.” Smile and pass this on to a friend! The boomerang will come back to you one day…