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Do You Feel Ashamed of Your Current Customer Delight Service?

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A question for all you out there who call yourselves marketers:

- Can you tell me your own example of how you take care of your clients

Maybe if you fell I was too rough on this question, you can answer me the following one:

Can you name me a great example of how someone else is taking care of their clients?

Pay attention – I am asking for a great example, not a good one!

There is no such thing as good, when it comes to customer care and delight. Good was good enough 50 years ago. Today, good means only average.

If I found you confused about the answer of any of these 2 questions, let me share a good example of what a good client care truly is...

Since a month ago I have started using the tool Buffer that enables you to schedule posts publishing for your social networks. The tool is attached as add on for your browser and enables you to instantly buffer or schedule and juicy piece of content you run onto the web and share it with your people in organized manner without being spammy or pushy.

This is just half of the story!

Just few weeks ago I have accessed their blog and run into something really interesting

The enthusiastic team behind this startup calls it  - Measuring the Customer happiness

Buffer publishes monthly report on their interaction with their users over the social networks, measuring their overall level of satisfaction with the product and the service behind it, promoting transparency in its true meaning.

In order to make things cleared, have a look at this fragment from their November report:



Out of 4,056 email conversations, this was our response time:

• 57% of all emails got a reply within one hour
• a further 14% within 1-3 hours
• 7% waited more than one day
• Overall: 80% of people who emailed Buffer during November received a reply within 6 hours.



They also admit and share with us what they have learned from all the metrics and data they have analyzed during the past month

However, ultimately I was truly inspired by another part of their happiness report:

3 key focus points we’ll work on to improve in December

Here they have translated few of their learning points into bottom line action plan, presenting what will be done just in the following month. No long-term projections, no complicated vocabulary, no word vomit – Just few points about what these guys are going to do for us during the next month.

This is one of the points I liked the most:


“Getting our ’5-a-day’

It’s really important to the culture of Buffer that everyone in the team dips into support, no matter what their day job. In November we asked everyone to chip in with a little support over the weekend, both for email and Twitter.

This ensures we’re not faced with a backlog of emails on Monday morning and gives everyone the opportunity to connect with our customers; to feel their frustrations first hand and deliver the answers and service they’re looking for.

We’re taking this initiative a step further in December. Everyone on the team now does a daily dip into the inbox, with the mission to reply to at least five emails every day – just like the doctor ordered!”


Those daredevils really won me over with this point – with their simplicity and innocence, with their transparency and focus on what really matters for us, not for them.

Take your cup of tea and have a look at the entire report on this link… You may be able to learn something or at least feel relaxed by the fact that you may not be the only ones who dare to crash the myth for the personalized client care.

By the way do you already have your own example of a great customer care?

The quoted article can be read here