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How Not to Get Lost on Your Business Journey

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Whether on a literal journey or a business venture, the route is not always as clear as you would like it to be.
Have you ever set out on a journey thinking you know the route and don’t bother to use either a map or a GPS system? After a while you realise that you are not too sure of the way. Expected landmarks don’t appear and everything looks different than you expected. Eventually you admit to yourself and maybe to your partner that you are lost.  You now have a choice of actions.

1. Continue driving around, hoping that you will find your way.
2. Buy a map.
3. Ask for directions.
4. Give up and go home.

Come on guys, be honest, how many times have you found yourself driving round in circles with your wife or partner saying to you,  “Why don’t you ask somebody where we are, this is the third time we have driven down this street?”  “Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be back on course in a moment, they must have re-built on that corner, I am sure there was a bar there last time we came!”

You keep going hoping that you will find your way back to your intended route around the next corner. Eventually you have to give in and switch on your GPS. or stop off to buy a map or pull over to ask someone directions, it’s a little embarrassing at first but at least it finally gets you to your destination.

Sometimes we have a similar situation in our business. We get into an area that is unfamiliar to us, we haven’t come across before, is more complex than we first imagined, or somebody has changed the rules.
What happens in this situation? Again we have a choice of actions we can;

1. Press on regardless.
2. Buy some form of guidance.
3. Ask for help.
4. Give up and close down.

Sometimes either when we’re driving, or in fact when we are running a business we can be stubborn, we can have too much pride and sometimes this costs us time and money. When it interferes with us attaining our goal is it is time to take stock and take action to enable us to move forward.

If we continue to drive around or press on regardless, we waste time and effort (and therefore money), we get frustrated and discouraged and frequently get further and further away from our goals.

If we buy some form of guidance, for example an instruction manual, a college course, pay for a professional who has your missing skill, hire a *coach or mentor, it may hurt a little financially, but like owning a map, once you have that knowledge you can apply and use it again and again.  Don’t think in terms of buying - think ‘investing’.

How about asking for help? Do you have and use a circle of friends and business associates that you can share your problem with or meet as a mastermind group? Don’t let pride stand in the way of your goal getting, stay motivated, keep moving forward.

Turn round and go home, give up and close down? - don’t even think about it! (or if you do, think about how you’ll cope with the wife or partner,-  “I told you to ask someone!”)  :)

Seriously, being an entrepreneur or running your own business doesn’t have to be a lonely journey, share your problems as well as your goals, you only reach goals by overcoming problems.

*“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. - John C. Crosby. Quote for today


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