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Create a Fruitful Environment for Your Staff

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A widespread truth is that human force is the most powerful resource in every organization. This is why managers should be highly concerned about the conditions where their staff is occupied. Uncomfortable and unsuitable place would only discourage it and cause fluctuation of manpower. Thus, a main priority for the employers is to create and maintain a great environment so that everyone will do their job with pleasure. Then, how to retain a happy atmosphere in your company? There are few things you can do.

First of all, show appreciation for the people you lead. Let them know that you evaluate their effort through appraisals, rewards and other simple things like organizing common dinners or bringing a snack at the office for the lunch breaks. You can run initiatives like an Employee of the month or Quarter, or fun things like “Neatest Desk” awards. But don’t be too officious.

Secondly, maintain good communication with your personnel. Stay transparent and keep your subordinates informed about the news in the organization. Preparing staff meetings is an excellent decision securing that members will know their importance and not be threatened just as “workers”.

Thirdly, it is vital to give a sufficient education to your staff. Constantly offering training opportunities is a wonderful approach toward your employees and a good investment to develop their potential. For example, you could create an on-line database with educational materials for them or realize a one-day course on a topic essential for their job. In this way, benefit both your staff and your business.

Another worthy step could be to carry out a research about the possibilities for the members from your team to grow. Then, motivate them to take these possibilities. If your personnel suffer from lack of opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills they may think over running to another company and the headhunters only wait for this. Relate the course that you are organizing to the achievement of certain goal like promotion for a higher position.

Next, you have to remember and encounter that your manpower is not working for you 24/7. People need their privacy and personal life. Don’t expect them to sacrifice all their time for the company. Be sure that if you put this requirement you will repress and sooner or later lose your people.

Furthermore, to retain your employees content, avoid negative comments and reactions. Your staff sees you as a leader; your behavior influences their productivity. Stay positive in any situation that may occur. As a friend of mine says, if ten bad things have happened to you for the day and a single one that’s good, say the good thing and keep the negative to yourself!

Last but not least, socialize with your team as much as you can. Use every opportunity to organize gatherings for the people in your office whether the reason is Christmas, New Year, Halloween, a birthday or any other suitable occasion. It is a chance to get to know everyone better and enjoy them, without speaking about work. Create a friendly relationship with all members of your staff and that will also help you to build a stronger bond of trust with each other.

It may be useful as well to track what strategies your competitors have implemented in order to maintain employees’ satisfaction. You don’t need to come out with complicated solutions - be up and doing, think out of the box. There are endless ideas how to make your staff feel valued and recognized for their performance.

If you have any questions or comments about the article feel free to ask and give your feedback. They will be appreciated! :)