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The 2013 Marketer's Manifesto

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1. I will not be a pushy little marketer. I will not interrupt. Instead I will  engage

2. I will not ensure that my content contains 4% keyword density. Instead I will ensure whether my content tells a story, image, concept, identity, an idea

3. I will not deliver the service that is best according to my limited mind. I will deliver what is being chosen by my client.

4. I will not ask anything in return of nothing. Every little gesture out there will be rewarded. Every Like, Comment or Share –

5. I will create art. I will deliver identity, not product. I will not drive on the cheap wagon of mediocrity. I will first deliver future, not profits. If I have to pay this by sweat, may be it.

6. I will not be spammy. I will understand that email marketing is not dead yet. I will reward those who allowed me to enter the marketer’s secret abode – the client’s inbox, with servitude, support and friendship. I will help them express their hidden desires and identity and If I cannot or will not be allowed, I will kindly withdraw.

7. I will never allow silence to plant its tripod in our conference room. “Does anyone has any suggestion”…  will be the heavenly call for me to speak and stand up for something.  Where everyone is silent, I will speak and not the shuffling of papers but instead my voice will fill the corporate chambers. I am paid to say something, to represent those who trust me outside the glass bell. I will not fail them.

8. I will be where my clients are. I will tap their back. Facebook or Twitter, heaven or hell, when light and everything else abandon them, I will be there to serve them and yes maybe to show them my offer.

9. I will connect, share and empower. I will give my target the best of both worlds even if it doesn’t come from my manufacturing line. I will belong and I will be humble. I will abandon the self-build hero image and I will share and allow myself to be helped by the community, the brethren.

10. I will read MBN News so that I am sure I won’t deviate any of the points mentioned above. So help me God...

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