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AIESEC Internships in Japan and Hong Kong

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Internship in motionBEAT Inc.
Overseas Division and Administration Department
Aoyamagakuin, Japan

What is it about?

motionBEAT Inc. is on the stage of expanding its market overseas. The potential intern is expected to research overseas advertising market and take part in the world conference about advertisement. The perfect candidate should be qualified enough to support marketing research which is speedy and analytic. Good understand of foreign cultures and investigation of markets is essential, too.

You will have the opportunity to:

• support the preparation regarding the conferences
• support the management about upcoming events in the office
• help other members who are in foreign division, including going through the formalities for their tripa
• gain knowledge about web advertisement agency with a focus on The United States
• learn more about marketing and problem solving in and out of office.

What do we offer?

• working hours from 9:00 to 18:00 (with a total of 40 hours per week)
• salary in US $1894
• transportation fee between the company and your accommodation also provided
• working conditions: personal workspace, computer, Internet access

Backgrounds and skills required:

• International Marketing
• Advertising + Public Relations
• Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
• Market Research & Evaluation
• Language: English
• Internet and PC user skills

Internship in UBS AG
Risk Control Intern


What is it about?

The role is primarily to provide support to the CRC team in HK. The position will give exposure to a wide range of counterparty types (financial institutions, wholesale corporates, insurance companies, hedge funds, brokers, etc.) and will give a full insight into risk management activities undertaken by the Credit Officers, Credit Analysts and the Administrative Assistants. These activities include credit risk analysis, specific sector analysis, internal risk ratings and methodologies, application of risk policies, establishment of credit limits in risk systems, etc.

You will have the opportunity to obtain the following learning points:

• Exposure to derivative products, risk measurement quantification in credit risk systems and relevant documentation will be deepened significantly
• work will arise from this activity, from collating necessary financial statements, research reports, industry-related reports and all relevant publicly available information
• Integral in this exercise is the use of this information to facilitate the setting of internal risk rating in accordance with the Bank’s rating methodologies for the counterparty sector.
• Collation and presentation of country risk exposure data. This also includes being able to obtain portfolio exposure data from relevant risk systems as requested by COs.

What do we offer?

• experience in the field of Risk Control
• working hours from 9:00 to 19:00 (with a total of 45 hours per week)
• salary in US $3200
• UBS will pay for Economy class return flight ticket for the intern from current location to the location of the internship (Note: Intern must complete full internship to be eligible).
• working conditions: personal workspace, Computer, Internet access

Backgrounds and skills required:

• Introductory accounting
• Introductory Finance
• Microeconomics
• Project Management
• Presentation skills
• Client Servicing Skills
• Languages: Chinese, Mandarin and English

For more information on different internship opportunities, please contact your local AIESEC office