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AIESEC Internships in Denmark and Spain

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Internship in Bownty ApS
Frontend developer
Copenhagen, Denmark


What is it about?

An ambitious venture funded international startup environment in Copenhagen, high degree of freedom in designing your own workday, a meritocracy where performance trumps everything else.
The potential intern will gain both knowledge and experience in: 1) building and maintaining a high-traffic web service, 2) feature development from idea to production, and 3) the newest web technologies.

You will have the opportunity to:

• Develop and optimize the front-end of Bownty's web platforms.
• Participate in the brainstorm, conceptualization, and prototype phases of new features and additions
• Keep yourself updated on latest trends and technologies within the field of front-end development and graphical design
• Research the industry of daily deals and try to understand the position of an aggregator. Get familiar with our platform

What do we offer?

• experience in the field of Informational Technology
• work hours from 9:00 to 17:00  (with a total of 40 hours per week)
• salary in US $2678
• working conditions: personal workspace, computer, Internet access

Backgrounds and skills required:

• Web Development and Management
• Software Development and Programming
• Database Management
• Language: English

Business Developer 
Barcelona, Spain


What is it about?

The intern will have the chance to work with a very experienced sales team. It is a great opportunity to discover sales and the real-state and service sector. The intern will be able to develop skills such as empathy, speaking in public, tolerance to failure and creativity.

You will have the opportunity to participate in the search and incorporation of new clients and partners including:

• Constant cold calls
• Constant interviews with entrepeneurs, startups, SMEs, and corporations.
• Constant meetings with entrepreneurial organizations and mayors.
• Participation in conferences, fairs, and other events to meet interesting and innovative companies

What do we offer?

• experience in the field of business administration and marketing
• work hours from 9:00 to 18:00 (with a total of 45 hours per week)
• salary in US $767
• personal workspace, computer and Internet access

Backgrounds and skills required:

• Retail and Sales Marketing
• Organisational Management
• Client Servicing Skills
• Presentation skills
• Project Management
• Languages: English and Spanish

For more information on different internship opportunities, please contact your local AIESEC office