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Follow Your Personal GPS

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Steve Olsher, an Amerian reinvention expert and author, modifies the abbreviation GPS and gives it a new meaning - as the personal Gifted Path to Success. In his award-winning book “Journey to you” he gives a simple equation that can help anybody to find their inherent talent and choose a job niche where they will be able to apply this talent. In this way people would be financially compensated for practicing what they are naturally gifted to do.

The Olsher’s GPS is compounded of three pieces-the GIFT, the VEHICLE and the PEOPLE.

Olsher approaches the personal gift as the WHAT. He stress that your What represents that which has chosen you and not that which you have chosen. To help you find your WHAT Steve Olsher provides a simple method. Divide a blank piece of paper into two columns. Write in the first column the things that you love to do and in the second the things that you hate to do. Use verbs that qualify an activity. Then examine each of the things that you love to do, answering the 6 questions below with “yes” or “no”. If your answer to all of the questions is “yes”, then circle the analyzed thing that you love to do. If to any of the questions your answer is “no”, then scratch it off. Then, move to the next thing you love doing untill you get to the end of the list. And the 6 questions are the following:

1. Even if I didn’t get paid a cent, would I still do this?
2. Would doing this inspire me every day?
3. Does doing this come naturally to me as breathing.
4. Do I feel I’ve been given a special gift to do this?
5. Does time seem to stand still when I’m engaged in this activity?
6. Can I possibly make money out of it?

Now, probably you have couple of things on your list that are circled. The next stage is to look at the right column and for each thing from the left that is circled see if it involves doing something that you hate. If what you love doing involves more than two things from the right side of the paper, then scratch it off. If it involves only two or less,  then double-circle it. Finally, from the things that are double-circled identify the one that connects all of them. It could be teaching, analyzing, managing, dancing, etc.  And this is a how you can easily find out what your passion or as Steve Olsher says “your What” is.

The next step is to specify your vehicle. How are you going to provide your gift to the world?  In choosing your niche it is very important to identify this vehicle. For example, if you love helping people, your vehicle could be nursing or if your gift is public speaking, then you can provide it through public presentations. There are many possibilities, just open up your mind to them and find your own way to spread your gift.

The third and last part of the equation are the people. Select the target group that you are going to influence. Weather it will be, for instance, university students, female entrepreneurs or disabled elderly, the choice is yours.  Ask yourself what kind of people would you like to work with. It is hard to have an impact to the entire society but you can make a big change to a certain group. Later, they can forward this impact to many others. Think as if you are writing a post card. Decide what will be your message and to whom exactly you would like to send it. If you don’t give a right address to it, how do you know who is going to receive it? To be sure that your gift will arrive to its’ final destination, it is essential to be concrete.

You can find out what is your gift at any time and it doesn’t matter which stage of your life you are facing at the moment. There is always the choice to change the course and turn to a new direction. And you are never too young or too old to pursue your unique talent. Shirley Temple was 6 when she became a movie star on “Bright Eyes” and J R R Tolkien was 62 when “The lord of the rings” books came out. Imagine yourself after 20, 30 or 40 year, how would you like to be remembered? What trace are you going to leave? The earlier you figure this out the sooner you and many others will benefit. All you need lays in you and your task is to unfold it.

"Ultimately, we must share our greatest gift with the world. Nothing less will suffice." Steve Olsher

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