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Relax, Take Your Time

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Whatever we do, we all need our time for inspiration and recreation. While being stuck with a dozen of tasks we simply often forget to take time for brainstorming and gathering of new ideas. And this is quite important. We cannot count on working like robots all the time.

Even when being productive enough for the curtain moment, how do we know that this is the best way of doing the things if we don’t stop and analyze the alternative ways? While thinking, we may come up with a better solution and it’s most probably. This doesn’t mean that we avoid our duties and it’s not a sign of laziness or trying to find the easy way out. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the hardest and the most difficult to find but it is essential to search for them.

Imagine that you are solving a mathematical problem- will you receive more scores or a better evaluation because you have a longer solution or because it is correct? Most mathematicians consider that the shortest solutions which still include all the necessary steps and the right answer are the most beautiful ones. What this example says is the we don’t always have to put so much effort and so much time in what we do - rather do the right things at the right time. That is how we will be left with much more time for ourselves that will help us rehabilitate from the constant stress and exhaustion.  And as a matter of fact it is vital for our work as well. In the case of Dell, some of its' software engineers are required to write just two lines of programme code each day - neither more nor less, under the condition that these two lines will never be deleted, corrected or replaced in future.

We all know that men of art like painters and musicians who have chosen to do this which naturally inspires them often search for a muse as their booster. They spend a lot of time just to be on their own, to think, to observe, to travel. Why is that needed? They’ve already found their calling. However, this is not enough for a good quality realization. What artists actually seek is a fresh idea and a new perspective which could only be found in the time or resting and recreation. In life, similarly, the productive working process goes hand in hand with the repose. When we relax we leave our mind calm and give it opportunity to strengthen its’ coping capacity. For the same reason some universities give a year off to their professors every 7 year to travel and to let them give up to their interests.

  So, why don’t we all look for a muse in our work or a fresh inspiration in our period of rest? It will motivate us to perform greatly, strive for bigger goals and achieve success even in hardships.