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AIESEC Internships in France and Belgium

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Internship in KERMEL
Internship in Sales and Marketing Department


What is it about?

KERMEL is the leading European manufacturer of aramid fibres dedicated to heat and flame resistant protective clothing. The Kermel fibre is dedicated to fire brigades, military and public order, people working in industries. Since 2010, KERMEL has been present in high speed sports with SKEED®. In parallel with these developments, KERMEL is continuing its diversification in technical applications, especially in the field of transports, electrical insulation and hot gas filtration using its Kermel® Tech aramid fibres.

You will have the opportunity to:

• understand and prepare a marketing plan with respect to the concerned geography in question
• interact with end users and collect all the pertinent information on market and users and the textile chain
• understanding the size of the market in the geography and the best way to penetrate this market and obtain the targeted results.
• work under the supervision of a Business manager and learn about the sales process

What do we offer?

• work experience in dynamic and successful small organization
• working hours from 9:00 to 17:00 (with a total of 35 hours per week)
• salary in US $1600
• working conditions: personal workspace, computer, Internet access

Backgrounds and skills required:

• Economic Research + Forecasting
• Retail + Sales Marketing
• Client Servicing Skills

Internship in PwC
Internal control & IT consultant


What is it about?

Are you fascinated by technology and its business applications? Would you like to gain insight into business processes and the IT environment of our national and international clients?

As an Internal Control & IT Consultant, every assignment you have will be different from purely technical to the more business-oriented. And we work in a host of different sectors. The main goal is to help client formulate its IT needs and attain its objectives using better IT systems and process. In short: you will be the bridge between the business and IT. Your career can take a number of different tracks. Either you help ensure client have appropriate information securityfrom ethical hacking and access management to business continuity management. You can also contribute to Business transformation using new technologies (e-invoicing mobile payments etc). In addition you can evaluate internal control and potential risks, optimize ERP system

You will have the opportunity to:

• define an annual development plan (ADP) which will outline your goals and objectives for your internship
• be exposured to different assignemnts at a variety of clients in different assignments
• gain IT and business process auditing skills
• gain business data analysis skills

What do we offer?

• One-year internship in the Systems & Process Assurance department of the company
• Salary is 2000 euros/month
• Personal workspace, computer, Internet Access

Backgrounds and skills required:

• Introduction to Management / Business Administration
• Auditing
• Client Servicing Skills
• Project Management
• Language: English

For more information on different internship opportunities, please contact your local AIESEC office