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For the Women in the Games

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Happy International Woman’s day! 

Have you ever thought about the approximate number of women, who are occupied in one of the mostly men-ruled territories - the game industry?

According to Brenda Romero, one of the first female video game programmers, at the begining of 1980 almost all working in the game companies were men, with just a few exceptions. Nowadays ,the annual "Women in Games" conferences are attended by more and more women. The opinion of the ones in the business is that this is due to the development of the mobile and internet technologies. Still women are only around 10% of the workforce in the industry, but especially because of the mobile revolution, bit by bit game programming is becoming a prefered profession by the tender gender. Their interest is catched by the mobile games on Facebook and other platforms.

We can see a growth of the number of female game engineers  three times since 2009. In 1989, women were less than 3 % of all the people occupied in the area and currently this percentage is 11.

Some of the experts in the realm of games are predicting that this number will grow further with the continuing improvement of mobile games and preparation of educational programs. An interesting fact is that some of the first mobile games engineers at Pocket Gems, a free-to-play mobile games developer, are women and after it's foundation in 2009, without being intentional, this has led to the success of the company.

With the arising of different models of smartphones and tablets even the ones who have never been keen on gaming consoles and computer games are now starting to play. There is a research made among the American gamers that shows that women are more than the half of all playing social and mobile games while being only 30 % of these playing violent games on game consoles.

Erin McCarty, 24, a fan of hard-core games since her childhood, has graduated  engineering, aiming to work in the video game industry. At the moment she is a part of a seven-member team, manufacturing a multiplayer-shooter game at a mobile and game entreprise that is focused on the male costumers. However, she doesn't feel uncomfortable or different. On the contrary, she says "I'm around guys a lot and they are always people that I'm happy to work with".

But in spite of all these changes in the industry there is a lot more to work on. In fact, the average salary of the women in the games is 27 percent  lower than the men's, arronding to a survey made by  Game Developer Magazine. Moreover, with the adoption of corporate social responsibility policies which is becoming a necessity for any company to grow and succeed this gap will soon need to be narrowed.

"We need to really look at the women who have become movers and shakers in this industry," the veteran games designer Graner Ray said, "and claim them and hold them up and say: 'Here's where we are, here's what we can do. Pay attention to us.'"

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