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Top 5 in IT & Hightech on 07.Mar.2013

<a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/NASA'>NASA</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Jupiter'>Jupiter</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Europa+Moon'>Europa Moon</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/NatWest'>NatWest</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/BenQ'>BenQ</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/ASUS+GTX+670'>ASUS GTX 670</a>

Astronomers measure the distance to our closest neighbouring galaxy - and reveal it is just 163,000 light years away ;

Underground oceans make Jupiter's Europa moon 'a wonderful place for life', says NASA scientist ;

Millions of NatWest customers left without access to their accounts - again ;

BenQ puts 27-inch professional gaming monitor on sale in EU ;

Revolution or Evolution? ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU Mini On Show .