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Blaze Arizanov - Blogger of The Month for March, 2013

<a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Blaze+Arizanov'>Blaze Arizanov</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Blogger+of+The+Month'>Blogger of The Month</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/March'>March</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/MBN+News'>MBN News</a>

MBN News is happy to announce the name of one of The Blogger of The Month for March– Blaze Arizanov!

Blaze Arizanov - Blogger of March, 2013

Blaze is currently working in the marketing and communication field at Ace Data (India) with a task to “transform bla bla bla into WOOOW”. His eccentric style and professional experience gives a special flavor to each of his Blog Busters on MBN News.

Here is what Blaze says about himself:

Combining Eastern spirituality with Western organization is not a myth and certainly not an illusion of the early sages that dared to spread an idea to the West more than 100 years ago. It is a reality and ideal available even for  you if decide to embrace it and live upon it. It did not take long for me to grasp the two as Marketing, Content and Communication expert in the lucrative IT industry in New Delhi India. Communicate to a person the last night’s party and he will forget it after a day. Communicate him wisdom, a path he longs for and he is yours. Your friend, your partner, your client. 
Thank you for your confidence and the chance to serve you. After all you can see a servant as a person that cleans with a broomstick but that same broomstick can be used to fly and reach for the clouds. Ask Harry Potter if you don’t believe me.

About the Blogger of The Month Competition

Blogger of The Month is a monthly competition by MBN News (The Independent Business Blogging Community). In order to select the most we are using an algorithm based on 4 main criteria: (1) Average number of views for all monthly publications, (2) Blogger’s Vote, (3) Monthly Custom Challenge and (4) Leadership factor for contribution to the community.