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The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

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The Duke of Edinburgh established the International Award for young people in the distant 1956. Its uniquness lays with the reverse mechanism through which young people must set themselves goals to develop their potential and achieve success. 

The Award's requirements give a unique chance to reach out to the community and grow further. 

The Award programme is available to all 14 to 24 year olds. There are 3 different levels : Bronze,Silver and Gold. 
The main differences between them are the minimum length of time it takes to complete them, how challenging it is and the minimum age you can start. 

Generally youngsters starting at the age of 14, regardless of nationality, can sign up for the Award, which is actually a plan for personal self-development. They reach out to an operator, who supervises their activities and progress towards set goals and help them with resouces. The Award is actually achieving the set goals and seld-development. 

There are four mandatory sections to the Award which you get to make the personalised programme around.
Service: community or charity work,  Skills:  talent and  abilities. Physical Recreation and  Adventurous Journey.

This unique chance to self-motivate teenagers has been successful across the world for around half a century and can be easily incorporated in Bulgaria as well. 


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