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Top 5 in IT & Hightech on 15.May.2013

<a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Google'>Google</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Google+IO'>Google IO</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Galaxy+S4'>Galaxy S4</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Samsung'>Samsung</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/AMD+Radeon+HD8970M'>AMD Radeon HD8970M</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Mozilla+Firefox+21'>Mozilla Firefox 21</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Pirate+Bay'>Pirate Bay</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Peter+Sunde'>Peter Sunde</a>

Google announces 'the end of search as we know it' ;

Galaxy S4 becomes Samsung’s fastest-selling smartphone – 6 million shipped in two weeks ;

AMD Radeon HD 8970M claims world’s fastest laptop graphics crown ;

Mozilla releases Firefox 21 for PC, Mac, Linux and Android ;

Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde to run for EU parliament .