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Top 5 in IT & Hightech on 22.May.2013

<a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Apple'>Apple</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Intel'>Intel</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/China'>China</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Google+Chrome'>Google Chrome</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Payza'>Payza</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Robotic+Police+Officers'>Robotic Police Officers</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Rio+Olympics'>Rio Olympics</a>

Former Apple, Palm Executive Mike Bell to Head Intel’s New Devices Unit ;

Over 75 million smartphones sold in China during Q1 ;

Google’s new conversational search feature is live in the latest version of Chrome ;

New Citadel malware variant targets Payza online payment platform ;

Brazilian government spends £4.2 MILLION on robotic police officers ahead of the Rio Olympics .