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MBN News is Launching MBN Blogging Academy - Your Gateway to Professional Blogging

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Greetings MBN fans, partners and friends...

The best thing about starting a new project intending to make a difference is that we as founders grow along with the growth of our initiative. We get to know what actually gets to be done and to challenge what we thought we know so far.

That is the essence of the concept of Life-long learning. Concepts applicable to everyone willing to do only one single thing – open his mind and embrace tidal waves of change. Choosing to take the wave at once or in smaller chunks was and will remain individual choice for each one of us.

Today we are pleased to launch MBN Blogging academy.

It is an initiative introduced by few enthusiastic members of the MBN community dreaming not only to take this project to the next level but also to empower its upcoming participants with the knowledge of building a platform that has surely become one of the most important skills that anyone can possess today.

Allow me to answer few questions that may arise:

What is MBN Blogging academy?

In essence it is a blogging course whose vision and mission will go beyond your simple training of how to write better. Our aim will be to help you develop your own voice and the art of delivering a well-crafted message to your audience. Whether you are an existing writer or blogger, job seeker, businessman or simply someone who has something to say, MBN course will take a vow of delivering its best to teach you how to build  your own platform of followers, from your own neighborhood, to your own political campaign, if you intend to launch one. We let you set your own limitations if any.

Who can participate?

We have carefully considered this and we have decided that this imitative will be open for the current most active members of the MBN community plus the new applicants whose credentials and readiness to deliver art will be assessed through a questionnaire that will soon be ready. We want to deliver knowledge that we ourselves have acquired through struggles and learning only to someone who is really interested to commit. The world already suffers from lack of commitment. We don't want to contribute that by engaging students coming to us in order to boost later on.

What can we expect from the academy?

MBN Blogging Academy will be introduced under its unique mantra – Blogging as a Martyr.
Why? Because that is what we are – martyrs. Seduced, carried away by the voices of others influenced by their platforms so strong that they ensure none of us escapes the system. As such we do have a lot to say and what matters the most – someone else out there is still waiting for that message, for that art to get out of us.

Our aim is to get that out of you the best we know. We won't tell you what to write for at the end of this course. No, that is a decision you must all do for yourself. We will only try to develop that voice in you and give you the means to express yourself.

How is it going to be conducted?

By delivering written course materials on a weekly basis for subscribed members. We are huge fans of the interactive learning so we expect you to communicate with us frequently about any question, suggestion or critique that you may have. In order to ensure your development, frequent online tests will follow that will tell us about your progress and next steps to be taken.

Is there a takeaway?

Yes, there is. After successfully completing the academy you will receiving a certificate by the MBN News. Further on you will be invited to join our blogging family as active contributors on our platform where your voice will be heard by a mass of followers that grows every single day.

How can I apply

Coming up :)