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The Inspiring Holy Wits Journey

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On the 26th of July 2013 five bikers and a production team started their 3000km long journey through 12 European countries which they  realized in 30 days.  Czech Republic – Istanbul – Thessaloniki – Venice – Aquileia and back to the Czech Republic, this is the trace of their brave cycling expedition, which was following the historical path of Konstantin and Methodius to the Great Moravia. Which is even more thrilling is that most of the group consisted of amateurs and only the leader  Pavel Voříšek had already been pilgriming before - from Czech Republic to Rome and by the Santiago de Compostela route.

Why they organized such an expedition?

Because in 2013 the Slavic countries are celebrating the 1150th anniversary of Konstantin and Methodius' s arrival to Great Moravia. With the project-The Holy Wit’s Journey, these Czech pilgrims are showing their gratitude for the two such influential men who introduced the Slavic alphabet and supported the Slavic nations, their culture and moral values.

What is their message?

First of all, they would like to remind the Europeans about the work of the Apostles to the Slavs who are also co-patron saints of Europe. In fact, most of the group was consisted of students or recently graduates who weren’t professional bikers, but nevertheless, what united them in their cause was a deep belief that everything is possible. Their wish is to let the people understand that, in spite of the economic crisis, if a man has a goal there is always a way to make it through and realize it even with less resources. They believe that if we don’t like something in our current situation, in our world or in the society, there is a manner to change it by working hard together in the direction of improvement. With the means of the project they are expressing support to all the people who are striving to make a positive change in their life and in the life of others.

 On the 24th of August the pilgrims successfully finished their journey. In only 30 days they have experienced a vast diversity of cultures, going through countries like Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Slovenia and Slovakia with a main focus on the historical artifacts commemorating the work of Cyril and Methodius. I met the group when they were passing through Plovdiv and my brother and I had the great pleasure spend the day with them, to tell more about Bulgaria and walk them around the touristic sights of the oldest European city - especially the ones built in honor of the Slavic brothers.

And why is this journey different?

The unique thing about the project- the Holy Wits journey it that it is certainly the first and the only expedition that is following the most probable path of the Slavic Apostles. Meanwhile the journey, the production team were keeping record by  preparing a documentary movie and articles about the expedition and daily updating them in the web site of the project –  www. cm2013.cz.

The nine adventurers has overcome a big deal of challenges, sometimes even in extreme conditions, like finding places to stay overnight or having some of their belongings stolen. However, none of these have made them lose faith and enthusiasm or even slower them from reaching their aim.
At the end, all of the life lessons and the tough times have surely made Pavel Voříšek, Vojtěc Weiss, Dáša Rybářová, Pavel Mašek, Daniel Compas, Marta Ochmanová and Hana Uhlířová - the members of this extraordinary Holy Wit’s journey, stronger and helped them develop their coping skills and leadership potential.  Who knows, may be in future these brave young men will have plenty of followers and their expedition could become even an annual tradition. Certainly, their action is an amazing example of good will, high spirit, courage, dedication and teamwork worthy of admiration.