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Oracle Launched MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification (Video)

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As somebody having played quite much with MySQL I was excited to read that Oracle finally launched their MySQL 5.6 Developer Exam. An Oracle Certified Professional document will be published for those who stand the exam.

Nick Shopov is a BI/DWH Software Developer with 3 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse technologies, Project Management and Leadership coaching.

What’s so much about the MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification?

It’s only one exam this time! Previously I have been a little reluctant to stand two exams to serve the same purpose. It seems like Oracle goes ahead of Microsoft with their unification processing of exam.

Till 14.Dec.2013 the cost of sitting the exam will be promotional - $50 USD – this is a significant promo reduction to the normal price. In this period the participants will be answering 150 questions for 3 hours. A set of those 150 will then be discarded by the organizers having analyzed their low correlation to overall success of the participants.

MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification – What’s in there to be tested?

Oracle published the curriculum and it looks like that:
- MySQL Architecture
- MySQL Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
- MySQL Security
- Diagnostic Data and Metadata Sources in MySQL
- Optimizing MySQL Performance
- Backups and Recovery in MySQL
- High Availability Techniques for MySQL

Of course, a training material is available and provided to those willing to certify. 

Registration is now open: MySQL 5.6 Certification Exam - Register