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Let girls lead: video contest

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Let Girls Lead is building a global movement that empowers girls and their allies to lead social change through advocacy, education, economic empowerment, storytelling, and strategic partnerships. Let Girls Lead improves girls’ education, health, and livelihoods through strategic partnerships that ensure girl-friendly laws, funding, and programs around the world. We enable girls to share their own inspiring stories of leadership through our interactive media platform and powerful short films.

Along with the Public Health Institute in Oakland, California, Let Girls Lead organizes a contest  open to girls between 12-25 years of age. Entries can be individual, group, or from entire organizations.

Videos should be between 1-2 minutes in length.

Videos must be received by 11:59pm GMT on 31st December 2013. 

The video submission will be judged by a panel of experts and girl leaders based on how clearly it shows us:
1) Why you are a leader in your community
2) How your leadership changed your family or community
3) Why your important story should be made into a film
4) Your unique point of view as a girl leader or organization working with girl leaders

Videos must be accompanied by a full video transcription in English .

The quoted article can be read here