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Top Business Intelligence (BI) Trends for 2014 | Nick Shopov

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Diving into the Business Intelligence (BI) field is more exciting than ever. The competition on the BI market gets real and this brings to developers and end-users a great deal of options to choose. Here I share my vision of the 2014 Business Intelligence Market.

Business Intelligence in 2014 – Big Players

The usual suspects are Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata, SAP and SAS. In Q1 2013 Oracle was holding 31.7%* of the market share of the data warehouse software, following by IBM (19.7%) and Microsoft (14.0%). Analytical solutions chart is led by SAP (20.2% market share), followed by Oracle and IBM. The only BI chart where Oracle is not in Top 3 is the one for Reporting solutions where we have SAP (24.1%), IBM (13.3%) and Microsoft (11.0%).


Dashboards in 2014 BI

Watch for dashboards – they evolve to be more visual. Access to data is no longer a competitive advantage, now higher management needs actionable and easy to read KPIs which they could use to drive profitability of their businesses. In 2013 I got hold of QlikView which in terms of visual capabilities seems to beat all major releases of Microsoft, Oracle and IBM I have worked with.

Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) in 2014

The Mobile market is pushing for BI. Executives want their data right here and everywhere they go with their smart devices. Microsoft, MicroStrategy, SAP, Oracle – all major reporting were after this trend in 2013 and this does not seem to have reached its peak. The real challenge yet remains the limited “real estate” of the mobile devices, or otherwise said how to fit your Balances Scorecard into this tiny screen. Designers should step forward and figure it out. We, developers, look for solutions.

Automated Regulatory Reporting in 2014 BI

Financial sectors are going to go through another series of stress tests and regulatory officials require a great deal of documentation that should be sources from the data warehouse of the organization. Auditing authorities are also getting in the BI consulting which appears to be a booming market in 2014.

In-Memory becomes a standard in 2014 BI

In-memory processing proved to be stable in 2013 and all major vendors seem to rush for a market share for their solutions. Watch for SAP HANA – they proved their capabilities of OLTP in memory processing and this product seems to be a bet for 2014. IBM Cognos, QlickView and Tibco Spotfire seem to be on the wave as well.

BigData in the Spotlight in 2014 BI

BigData generates much interest… for the public and the publishers. I am however skeptic about its real disruptive role in the economy nowadays – it’s still too expensive to do in-house for the average organization and not many organizations are adventurous enough to outsource their information assets. Moreover I disagree BI has yet much to evolve before it can easily accommodate BigData together with ad-hoc reporting. So keep an eye on Big Data but do not expect miracles from Hadoop & Co.

Last but not least, connect with me on LinkedIn / Google+  and visit me on nickshopov.com if you share the same passion for Business Intelligence (BI). I would love to hear from you now and in 2014.

* IDC Market Analysis 2013