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Take Action! Democratize the UN Security Council!

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The group of the Young Civilians organizes an International Youth Meeting in Turkey with the ambitious goal to discuss and develop a roadmap for solving a serious problem of international significance. 

The problem

The five permanent members of the Security Council have  veto power that they have exerted around 260 times since the day United Nations was founded. Almost all of these decisions influenced the destiny of other countries. A veto used by any one of these permanent members is enough to overrule any resolution even it if it supported by the rest of the world. In other words, a veto is greater than roughly 200 countries’ total votes.

Take action

Appply now to be part of an international youth meeting as part of the global campaign Bigger than five that promotes awareness that the structure of the UN Security Council needs to be further democratized and that the veto right needs to be exercised more responsibly and ultimately abolished. 

The meeting will be attended by globally known artists, politicians and opinion leaders. During the meeting, common discourse and shared agenda will be formed with the participating NGOs. As a result of the project, the action plan for “Bigger than five campaign” will be completed. The action plan will include activities, division of roles for contractors and campaign agenda.

Open to: any NGO / NGO-people who is working in the fields of human rights, democracy and United Nations in general.​

Venue: in April 2014 and will take 3 days in Istanbul, Turkey

Application deadline : 10 February 2014.


The ideal candidate is any NGO / NGO-people who is working in the fields of human rights, democracy and United Nations in general. The essential point is to think that the current system of UNSC is not a democratic one and the veto right of the permanent 5 is unfair! NGOs and NGO-people who think that this current system of UNSC needs to be democratized and the veto rigth of the permanent 5 is to be abolished are welcome!

Transportation and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Project budget.

The results will be e-mailed to each applicant and the list of participants will be announced on our website on 3rd March 2014. 

The Young Civilians is one of the most popular and influential civil society organization on the topic of  youth movement in Turkey. Opposing to all kinds of military intervention into politics, Young Civilians aims to establish a liberal democracy in Turkey that is based on human rights, civil liberties, rule of law, tolerance and justice