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Fellowship program of the World Press Institute for experienced journalists

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A unique opportunity offered to 10 journalists from countries around the world to immerse themselves into governance, politics, business, media, journalistic ethics and culture of the United States

The fellowships by the renowned US institution are aimed at experienced international journalists. Through a demanding schedule of study, travel and interviews throughout the country they will have the chance to learn from first –hand experience about the culture of the United States.

The program usually begins in mid-August and end in mid-October. The fellows will spend three weeks in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, and then travel to several U.S. cities, including New York and Washington, D.C., for briefings, interviews and visits. They will return to Minnesota for the final week of the program.

The main focus of the fellowship is highlighting the core role and responsibilities of a free democratic press. Journalism is about transparency, information, objectivity and freedom of speech. The World Press Institute program also acquaintances the fellows with the complexity and diversity of life in the U.S.

Since 1961, over 500 journalists from 100 countries have benefited from the WPI experience.

Selection process and application

Selection is a competitive process. Fellows are picked by a renowned selection committee, whose members are distinguished journalists and corporate communications specialists, all with international experience.

WPI pays all program costs, including transportation to the U.S. and back, all transportation within the U.S. related to the WPI program, and all lodging costs. In addition, a modest daily per diem for food is provided. Personal expenses, such as cameras, film, postage and clothing, are the responsibility of the fellows.

Application deadline: 15 th February 2014

The application is submitted online along with letters of recommendation and working samples.

Letters of Recommendation

During the online application process, you will need to provide the names and email addresses of three (3) references. WPI will contact them with information on how they can submit online letters of recommendation.

Recommendations should be written by individuals familiar with your work who can comment on your journalistic abilities and potential for growth and leadership. These letters should be in English and address your experience, qualifications, and potential. One of the three recommendation should be from your immediate supervisor.

Work Samples

Please make sure all samples contain the date on which they were published. Most, if not all, of your samples should have been published or aired within the last two years.

If your samples are not in English, please include an English summary of their contents.

Work samples can be uploaded with the online application. Files with the following extensions are accepted: .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .doc. For photos or other artwork, .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, or .pdf files are accepted.

DVDs, audio/video files, or samples that exist only on paper and that cannot be converted to digital form can be sent to the address below. Please note that samples cannot be returned.

World Press Institute
3415 University Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55114 USA

Eligibility Requirements

•  Candidates must have at  least five (5) years full-time employment in print, broadcast, or online journalism.

• Must be currently employed as a non U.S. journalist working outside of the United States.

• Must have fluency in both written and spoken English.

• Potential for leadership