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Develop your potential in agriculture with the Norman E. Borlaug Fellowship Program

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), with the cooperation and financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) grants the Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship Program

The fellowship gives the unique opportunity to researchers, experts and professionals in the fields of agriculture to develop their potential, gain new knowledge and further apply the lessons learnt in their practice in Bulgarian agriculture.

The Borlaug Fellowship Program promotes food security and economic growth. The aim is to  increase the  scientific knowledge of the fellows who will  advance the transfer of new agricultural technology in their countries and improve agricultural productivity.The program offers training and collaborative opportunities to agricultural scientists, faculty and policymakers. Each Fellow works one-on-one with a U.S. mentor who coordinates the Fellow’s training. After completing the U.S.-based portion of the fellowship, the mentor visits the Fellow’s home institution to continue collaboration.

Eligible to apply are:

·         Citizens of Bulgaria with a good working command  of the English language;

·         Professionals who hold a master’s degree with a minimum of two years of practical experience; Currently employed by a university, government, research institution and/or other institution with the intent to continue working in the home country for a minimum of two years following the return from the United States;

·         Early to mid-stage of professional career; and

·         Experience and focus in one of the targeted research areas;

1.    Agricultural Market and Policy Analysis

2.    Animal and Plant Health and Veterinary Science

3.    Food Safety/Biosafety

4.    Advanced Agricultural and Food Technology

5.    Forestry Science

Application Requirements:

The application DEADLINE for the 2014 Borlaug Fellowship Program for Bulgaria is February 10, 2014.

To submit an application, please send to: agsofia@fas.usda.gov

  •          Application form
  •          Program proposal (2-3 pages)
  •         Signed approval of the applicant's home institution
  •         Two letters of recommendation
  •         Official copy of transcript of college degrees
  •         One passport type digital photo

Please send all application materials in PDF format documents. Interviews for applicants who pass the initial screening will be held later in February 2014 (February 17-21).

For questions relating to the application process, please, contact USDA/FAS Sofia Office:

Mila Boshnakova, Alexander Todorov  Tel: 939 57 20, 939 57 74 ; agsofia@fas.usda.gov

For additional information about the Borlaug Fellowship Program, please contact the USDA/FAS Coordinators for the 2014 Borlaug Fellowship Program for Bulgaria:

Edward Gerard Edward.Gerard@fas.usda.gov    Molly Rumery Molly.Rumery@fas.usda.gov