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How to Become a Respected Leader | Nick Shopov

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Recently I came back to this old good quote: “Nobody loves managers, everybody loves leaders.” Love is very personal – let’s call it respect. How to be respected leader in your organization and how to become a respected manager in your team? Here are my top 3 actionable goals that I have driven out of my experience as lead experience in the software industry.

Nick Shopov is volunteering as a coach at the Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Visit his personal website to see his code of ethics.

1. Respected leaders realize that it is all personal, even if it is about business

“It is nothing personal, just business” - the meaning of this quote has evolved. I came to realize that it is all personal. Respected leaders realize that and manage their relationships with people as a company asset. The western world has come to a stage of competition that will never hold an employee in the office unless they feel respected, needed and important to the company. So get back to the basics and invest in the appreciation of your people so they pay you back with respect.

2. Respected leaders are honest and caring

These two qualities alone can make huge difference in what people think of you and how they treat you. In a world full of spam, treachery, black hat NLP and miscellaneous marketing tricks one starts to realize the power of truth and honesty. Respected leaders understand that not much of what they do today will be remembered tomorrow. Honesty, however, is something that gives comfort to their people and they pay back with respect. People may not remember your acts, but will remember how you made them feel.

3. Respected leaders plan ahead and act

There are two groups of people you will find in any office – those who do not care and never plan ahead and those who over plan and are reluctant to make any detour. Respected leaders usually stand in the middle, they are agile enough to make any step away of their short-term plans, so they can follow their long-term goals. They appear to always have the answer, the idea, the vision and the winning cards in hand so they act now.

Companies can be acquired, employees can be hired, products can be licensed but one thing can only be earned – respect. Leaders know that.