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Social Media Managers - Don't do These 4 Mistakes

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There are in my experience 2 types of social media managers – those who try and experiment up to the extent of getting either dooms (the Hard Kind, the growth hackers) and those who play safe for good amount of time and maybe could reach somewhere (the Soft Kind). Where do you belong? Your degree of approval of the following facts will give you the answer. Keep reading..

It is all about #hashtags on Twitter

Misundestood – Hashtags can only be accounted as much as 50% of your overall success especially if you do brand building and organic followership building. How would you get the remaining 50%? By delivering value of course.

When did more and more people start following Mobiloitte's Twitter handle? The moment we started giving real value by connecting like minded people to each other. Every day 2-3 tweets are titled – People you must follow in (the particular industry) where I recommend several Twitter handles of experts coming from a particular industry. It doesn’t hurt at all.

It is all about connecting only with people you know on LinkedIn

Misunderstood. Are there still social media managers out there still someone out there that still complies or is afraid to be penalized by LinkedIn age old dashboard instruction not to be connected with people she or he does not know? If I knew only 5-10 social media managers in New Delhi where I currently live, how would I attempt to launch Social Media Delhi, a community for social media managers and like minded people? Why not taking the approach from other way around – connect with like minded via LinkedIn and then get to know them through a networking event you could initiate. Where is the harm in that?

It is all about engagement on Facebook

Misunderstood. Facebook constantly reacts on the continual accusation by now, majority of social media managers that the organic reach of Facebook page posts  is significantly reduced for many page managers especially those who do not run paid campaigns with the statement that engaging and smart posting that deliver value will not be affected by this appearance.

Can someone out there name one brand whose reach on Facebook has not been decreased since the last few months? Any brand, from any industry.  No matter the post and the content you are providing, if you are not ready to open your pocket, say goodbye to your fans and your reach. This was confirmed recently when it was announced that based on recent trend observation for 100 prominents brands from various industries conducted by Ogilvy, the reach of your updates from fan pages will get down to zero

Facebook Zero Reach

My advise to social media managers – start tapping other social media networks especially Google Plus if you haven’t already. .

It is all about pinning your visuals to Pinterest

Misunderstood.  It is simply not truth that the Pinterest user can access your website with a single click on the image. In fact it takes few clicks. Have a look at Hubspot’s Pinterest profile and ask yourself why under the description of every pin a link to the website is also enclosed.

As you see, something so simple which can bring so much difference in terms of traffic (it is actually now that the user can access your website with a click, not before) is being done by very few brands. Yup, most of us fall on the small things and they turn out to be the building blocks for the Big picture

Which commong dogmas have you tested and broke during your social media engagement? 

We would love to hear more on that. Share in comments.